Doctor List

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Thanks to help from our DES Action USA members, we have compiled doctor lists, by state.

  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists (Ob/Gyns)
  • Gynecologic Oncologists and Fertility Specialists.
  • A few other specialties are listed, e.g., urologists (who are primarily in major urban areas).

Because DES Daughters shared most of the names, the list is primarily of health care providers for women.

  • Doctors on our list are not DES experts, but rather, they are providers willing to listen to their patients and learn from them. They don’t dismiss DES concerns and will do the proper DES Daughter Pap/pelvic exam.
    • Directions for doing the DES Daughter Pap/pelvic screening will be included when you receive the doctor list.
    • For current DES Action members the directions are in the popular DES Daughter TOOLKIT distributed as a benefit of membership.

Having a doctor’s name on the list does not imply endorsement by DES Action USA. You are the best judge of your medical care, which is best handled in conjunction with a doctor you trust.


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To request that we mail you a free list of doctors from your state:

Call (800) 337-9288 OR email DES Action USA. (

Provide your:

  • Name
  • Phone number (when calling the toll-free number so we can get back to you).
  • Mailing address – so we can send the list right out to you.
  • Email address – if you are a current member we will immediately share the list you request. If not a member having your email address helps us better communicate if there are follow-up questions.
  • Residents of California: please let us know from which counties you’d like us to pull names from the data base.

Along with the list we’ll also send basic DES information and a membership form.

When you join DES Action USA you will be sent a comprehensive packet of DES information and will receive our DES Action VOICE newsletters to keep you current on issues of interest to the DES community.

Another important benefit of membership is the popular DES Daughter TOOLKIT to share with your doctor. It contains directions for doing the proper DES Daughter Pap/pelvic exam as well as other important DES information to help communicate DES concerns with your doctor.

The information is all available on this website but it’s combined in a professional document that is well received by health care professionals.


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