Benefits of Membership

Become a member of DES Aciton and you will find resources and a community of people like you who know or love those affected by DES.

Benefits Include:

DES Action Voice Newsletter


The DES Action VOICE newsletter keeps members current on the latest research and provides reviews of pertinent books and articles. This respected publication, which goes out four times a year, is a “must read” for those wishing to stay informed about DES issues, including clinical, research and legal matters.


List of Doctors Who Are DES Knowledgeable

This is a list of doctors recommended by members, sortable by city, state or zip code.


List of Lawyers Who Have Taken on DES Lawsuits

This is a list of the few lawyers who have tackled the issue in court.


DES Daughter Online Support Group Listserv

This is a popular Member Benefit specifically for DES Daughters. The group connects them via email messages on a safe, secure and private system. We share ideas, suggestions and support regarding the very personal matters that come up for DES Daughters.

There is something wonderful knowing others are dealing with the same issues and concerns. We learn from each other. To join this listserv, first join DES Action USA.



Here is an invaluable resource to help empower DES Daughters to better communicate with their doctors and advocate for the health care they need.

Too many doctors either don’t know about DES exposure or have failed to keep up with the latest research. The DES Daughter TOOLKIT provides important DES information in a user-friendly format for doctors. It’s all available here on this website, but by combining it in one document the messages about increased medical risks and proper screenings are readily conveyed.

It empowers DES Daughters. Hand the TOOLKIT to your health care provider and it does the explaining about DES for you!


Advocate for Continued DES Research

You can’t do it by yourself – but together we can. Without DES Action’s push for research and advocacy for continued funding, it would not have happened.

DES Action stays in touch with scientists about their DES studies and keeps them aware of health issues being experienced by those of us who were exposed to DES.


Support DES Action

When you join DES Action, you join thousands of individuals who recognize the importance of having a powerful voice for the DES community. In return, you stay informed and feel good about supporting an important cause.
No one else will do it for us.


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