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Become a member of DES Action and you will find resources and a community of people like you who know or love those affected by DES.


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When you join DES Action, you join thousands of individuals who recognize the importance of having a powerful voice for the DES community. In return, you stay informed and feel good about supporting an important cause.
No one else will do it for us.

Membership Levels

See our Membership Levels page for full details.

Benefits Include:

Searchable Doctor Listings

DES aware doctors in your area. You can search by city, state or ZIP code. You’ll find doctors’ names, practice names, specialties and contact information. These doctors have been recommended by DES Action members.

Monthly eMail Alert

News and updates every month in your eMail box.

Quarterly VOICE Newsletter

VOICEbanner[1]Current and historical. Our most popular member benefit. Access all 39 years of newsletters. The VOICE documents the history, the science, the new research, and the personal stories of DES.

Attorney List

A list of knowledgeable attorneys DES Action members have shared.

Exclusive Content

Expanding collection of articles and videos accessible only to current DES Action members behind our members tab of the website.

GRYT (formerly known as Stupid Cancer App)

Offers online opportunity to seek support or provide mentorship to other DES exposed, with or without a cancer diagnosis. Allows you to choose who you communicate with. Currently available for IPhone, and Android app.

*New! Library of Facebook Live Events

During our 40th anniversary year, and going forward, go to our DES Facebook page to “attend” talks by authors, researchers, and advocates of interest to the DES community. Ask questions, get answers live! Can’t attend…no problem, view the videos available to members on DES Action website after the event!

DES Action USA on Facebook*

“Like” DES Action USA on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on medical and environmental health news that affects you, your loved ones and the planet. There’s a ton of information online 24/7 that affects the DES population

– we moderate the page so information is accurate! Be part of the conversation!

Online Support Group for DES Daughters

A safe private community of DES Daughters where you can compare notes, share doctors’ advice, and resources, and gain knowledge on issues that affect DES Daughters during different phases of life via our email listserve.

Online Support Group for DES Men-Sons and Grandsons

A safe private community of DES sons and grandsons where you can compare notes, share doctor’s advice, and resources, and gain knowledge on issues that affect DES exposed men during different phases of life via our email listserve

Toll free number — (800) 337-9288

Advocate for Continued DES Research

You can’t do it by yourself – but together we can. Without DES Action’s push for research and advocacy for continued funding, it would not have happened.

DES Action stays in touch with scientists about their DES studies and keeps them aware of health issues being experienced by those of us who were exposed to DES.


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