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DES Action USA is the only national organization for all individuals exposed to DES, their families and their health care providers. DES Action has been successfully serving the DES-exposed community since 1978.
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Our Community Manager is happy to provide resources for your DES related questions and answer questions about studies that show proven links to DES exposure. Let us know if your interest in information is regarding DES Mothers, Daughters, Sons, and/or Grandchildren. We will also email you the latest pdf copy of our award winning Voice newsletter.You can find general information about DES health consequences and recommended screenings and directions for doctors on how to do a proper DES Daughter Pap/pelvic exam right on our website.Membership
When you join our organization (and support our work) you gain access to everything behind our members only tab: video interviews with specialists, lawyers lists, doctors lists, the archived Voice newsletters, and much more. Plus, if you don’t have email, you’ll receive mailed information about DES, A Gynecologist’s Guide for Treating DES-Women, along with the most recent DES Action VOICE newsletter.We are not able to provide:

  • Financial assistance in paying for health care or insurance
  • Medical advice or legal advice as we are not medical or legal professionals, however we are a clearinghouse of resources for everything DES exposure related and the only/oldest nationally recognized DES exposure organization in the country.

Contact us by email:
Email: [email protected]


Contact us by mail if you prefer: 

DES Action USA
229 E 85th St, Unit K
New York, NY 10028

Tell us what information you would like and provide your name and mailing address. We will make every attempt to provide hardcopy information to you via mail if we have it available (We respect your privacy and will not give your contact information to any other group or individual.)

Contact us by email at [email protected]. The best way to contact us initially is via email. Many of your questions may be answered quickly this way. We have a dedicated Community Manager who answers questions, and provides information.

Media Inqiuries

Looking for information about DES (diethylstilbestrol) and DES Action USA advocacy efforts?
Please email us at [email protected].


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