MedShadow Foundation Inc.

In 2014 the board, wanting to secure the organization’s continued management, voted to donate DES Action and its assets to MedShadow Foundation. Conceived in 2012, MedShadow Foundation’s mission is to learn and educate about the side effects and long-term effects of prescription medicine. The Foundation now manages DES Action USA as an advocacy, educational and outreach organization for those who have had long-term adverse effects of the harmful drug diethylstilbestrol and, separately, the Foundation manages MedShadow LLC as a media hub that provides information about the side effects and long-term effects of all medicines.

Prescription drugs are a part of everyday life for millions of Americans who spent in excess of $329 billion on these medicines in 2013, an increase of 3.2% over the previous year. The pharmaceutical industry spent $3.8 billion in marketing these medications to doctors and consumers. Do they have short or long term side effects? Are there alternative solutions that may be just as effective with lower risk?

Guided by a passion to educate and encourage patients to pro-actively inquire about the short and long term side effects of prescription medications before accepting them, MedShadow Foundation seeks to prompt discussion between patient and health care provider. This includes asking deeper questions of the physician or pharmacist, looking at the pros and cons of prescription drugs, and if appropriate, exploring other options. We encourage our readers to avoid blind acceptance of prescription drugs and become an engaged advocate in their own health and wellbeing.

MedShadow Foundation is proud to be the parent organization for DES Action, a nonprofit that has been at the forefront of patient advocacy since 1978.