DES Action Transition


 DES Action USA – Looks To The Future


It’s a new and exciting time for our organization as we undergo a change in 2015. But even as we do, many things you count on from DES Action USA will stay the same.

Your connection to accurate and timely information about DES will continue after the retirements of Executive Director Fran Howell and Program Director Kari Christianson. Our Board of Directors gave careful consideration to several options for moving forward, always keeping the priority on members’ interests.

We are pleased to announce the important work of DES Action USA will continue by combining forces with MedShadow Foundation – headed by a DES Daughter!


Here’s what stays the same:

  • The VOICE newsletter keeps you current on DES issues
  • The DES Action USA Website remains your best 24/7 resource on the web
  • The DES Action Facebook Page is where you’ll always find fascinating DES topics
  • The popular DES Daughter Online Support Group listserv will be maintained as it is now
  • DES Action’s advocacy for continued research will be as strong as ever


There’s much work still to be done on the issue of DES exposure so joining with MedShadow, with its strong emphasis on warning of drug side effects, puts DES Action USA in especially good hands. Visit MedShadow’s website and see for yourself.

DES Action USA President Martha Cody fully explains the coming together of both groups and what it means for DES Action members. MedShadow Foundation President Su Robotti introduces herself, her organization and tells her DES story.

The organization you’ve come to value, trust and support will be transitioning in early 2015, yet continuing as you know it today.